Combining a total of over 50 years of powerboat racing experience, Simon Isherwood and Tim Everist have set out to combine their knowledge of what it takes to achieve success on the world and national competition circuits, including the rigors of Offshore Powerboat Racing, World Ski Racing and also the requirements of high speed ski racing into one boat brand, Velocity Boats.



The 6m long Velocity V6 ski race boat has been the blending of all that works and of all the lessons learned to allow the best opportunity to bring home the ultimate prize.

The 6.5 m long Velocity V7 has been specifically designed and built with Grand Prix style endurance ski racing as well as being a great boat to use on any river or lake.
The Velocity V7 makes the perfect race or social boat; able to withstand whatever you can throw at it.


All Velocity boats are constructed using the latest advancements in resin infusion technology combined with the newest foam and woven fibreglass materials. Complete Wood free Structure.


All boats are constructed out of a professionally engineered laminate utilising a completely wood free construction by one of the marine industries leading lights, Stephen Campbell, shipwright of Composites Constructions in Braeside, Victoria.


The boat’s hull and deck are epoxy glued and glassed joined to form a monocoque construction.

All Velocity boats are custom built for competition and rated for a single Outboard up to 400hp and stern-drive powered boats of up to 2,000hp are available.

Each Velocity Outboard boat is fitted with a custom made poly fuel tank with a capacity of 130litres, of which is totally resistant to the ill effects of ethanol blended fuels.
All boats are constructed with a water ballast tank that, when empty, adds to the already very buoyant properties of the boat.

Velocity ski raceboats have already won races, set and broken records in Australia and International Ski Racing. Velocity Race Boats have produced a number of World Champion Ski Racing winning boats

Velocity V6
Velocity V7