Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing enhances the image of Mercury Marine by producing high performance outboards, sterndrives, propellers, parts and accessories using leading edge technology. Mercury Racing promotes Mercury Marine products by winning more power boat races and setting more records world-wide than any other marine engine manufacturer. Mercury Racing is in the business of providing high performance marine propulsion systems to discriminating boaters worldwide for an exciting and fulfilling power boating experience and improving the quality of life for all of our shareholders.


Race Marine Products

Race Marine produce a number of custom made items specifically for Offshore & Ski Race Competitions


DTG Race Products

DTG Race Products supplying the ski/boat racing industry the perfect products at the perfect price. Our aim is to deliver everything for driver/observer safety at the best price without sacrificing quality or comfort to both entry and expert levels. DTG Race Products key feature has been the new Procomm lll helmet design and electronics. We have spent four long years to manufacture the helmet for the best comfort and total protection. And most importantly we have designed the best quality intercom system/dynamic microphone available.


Hering Propellers

Hering’s revolutionary 5 and 6 blade technology dominates the world of offshore racing with national and world titles in Super Vee Light, Super Vee, Super Cat Light, Super Cat, Superboat and UIM Class 1. Hering also propels the world’s fastest vee bottom and Catamaran. Hering uses only the latest in CNC manufacturing technology to make every propeller we sell, resulting in exacting tolerances and superior performing propeller for your single or multi-engine application. Developed on the toughest race circuits by the world’s best teams, Hering propellers offer superior performance over the competition. Race Marine stock a range of Hering Propellers, please call 03 9772 9178 for more information.



Salt-Away is a must for engine flushing, washing boats, trailers, trailer brakes, fishing and dive gear.
Salt-Away breaks down and removes salt build-up with repeated use and is the most concentrated salt removing product available. Just 40ml will flush your engine and remove salt from your 7 metre boat, trailer and trailer brakes. That costs as little as $1.21 per wash!
Call 03 9772 9178 for more information.


Lifeline Safety Products

Racing Jackets, Offshore Jackets, Outboard “Kneeldown” Jackets, Parachute Jackets, High Performance Pleasure Jackets, BELL Helmets, Custom Made Driving Suits, Safety Shorts, Kevlar Pants and Sleeves Nomex Hoods, Driving Shoes, Aprons, Gloves and Every Racing Accessory You Will Ever Want. Marine Safety Starts Here!



The aluminium and bronze cast conversions from Rolco Marine Conversions and Hardware are renowned for reliability and durability for marinising equipment for automotive engines. Call Race Marine on 03 9772 9178 for more information.


Ski Fast Ropes

SkiFast speed water skiing ropes have been setting records since 2005. Every event at the last two world speed water skiing championships has been won by skiers using SkiFAST ropes. Hi-visibility pink or new fluoro lime ropes are safer, lighter and stronger than other ropes and that means you can ski faster. Worry about the opposition, not your rope! Call Race Marine on 03 9772 9178 for more information.



Oakley Goggles and Sunglasses

Open Your Eyes to High Definition. If you want the best clarity and protection on the planet, nothing comes close to Oakley’s High Definition Optics® (HDO®). Its patented technologies surpass all tests of the American National Standards Institute. HDO® lets you see clearer, sharper and without the magnification of ordinary lenses that act like prescription opticsYou see everything exactly where it is, not shifted like the view from inferior lenses. Race Marine stock a great range of Oakley goggles and sunglasses, call 03 9772 9178.

CMI Exhaust Systems

Over the last six years, Custom Marine exhaust systems have been on more National and World Championship boats than all other brands combined. The reason is simple: When it comes to quality, performance and striking good looks, no one can touch CMI. No one even comes close! Every CMI header is built to exacting standards that have made them the number one choice for offshore racers and performance-oriented boaters who demand on-water performance. Race Marine stock CMI exhaust systems, call 03 9722 9178 for more information.


Maherajah Water Skis and Ski Equipment

Maherajah has been building custom wood waterskis since 1950. We currently sell classic wood, racing, longboard, and recreational water skis.